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Chinese Sausage and Cured Meat Rice Pot (Cơm Niêu Kiểu Người Hoa)

Chinese sausage and cured meat rice pot is my all time favorite dish, and I have frequently ordered this at the Chinese restaurant whenever I have a chance.  My usual rice pot is always the ones that come with the Chinese Sausage and with or without the Chinese Cured Bacon. I have never had a chance to execute this dish until recently due to the fact that I did not own any clay pots in my pantry cabinet. Thanks to my co-worker, Lily, who had given this two rice clay pots to me, and as a result, I finally had my chance to play around with this dish.  To be honest with you, there is so many time that I attempted to buy one of this baby home but so far could not find any that is not from China. :)
This mouth-watering dish is so easy to make once you have the right cookware, the clay pot. Clay pot comes in many different sizes. The size that I currently have is cute to have for one serving. Get a bigger clay pot if you have a big family because with this palatable dish, I am sure it would be the most talk-about-dish if you make this at your family get together.
All clay pots need to treat before using, make sure you read the instruction carefully and follow them. In brief, I would share my way of treating my clay pots.
Treating the clay pot:
-Submerse your clay pot in a big bucket of water for 5-6 hours.
-Take them out and dry them with napkins. In a small saucepan or container mix 1 cup of water with 1 tablespoon of rice flour, mix well. 

-Pour into the clay pot and place the clay pot on the stove top over medium heat. Wait until it comes to a boil and turns the heat to lower to let it simmering for about 3-4 hours. During the process of simmering, it helps if you can take a spoon take some of the rice flour mixture and ladles around the rim of the clay pot. This process itself would help to block all the pores in the clay pot, indeed is the purpose of treating the clay pot.
-Turns off the stove when the time is up. Leave the rice flour mixture in the clay pot for another 8 hours.
-Empty the rice flour mixture out and discard it.
-Wash the clay pot with water thoroughly. Well dried and place it in a dried area. it's ready to use for cooking. I personally place it in a position upside down in an air-through area to prevent it from growing moss at the bottom. That's for treating the clay pot. Now, let's talk about Chinese Clay Pot Rice With Chinese Sausage.

-1 cup of Jasmine rice **wash thoroughly with cold water and soak the washed rice with some water for at least 30 minutes. The water should be enough to cover the amount of your rice
-1 cup of hot boiling water
-1/2 of the Chinese Sausages. I have used a little of three different kinds of Chinese Sausages. Most of them were the Quang Tran Brand. I cut them diagonally.
-A few slices of Chinese Cured Bacon (optional) **see the picture below for reference of this product.
-3 dried shitake mushroom ***wash them roughly and soak them in a small contain with water, few drop of Maggi, regular soy sauce, brown sugar, and the sesame oil for about an hour. When ready to cook just take them out of the brine. Cut off the stems to discard them.
-Some blanched vegetable. **Any kinds of vegetable would do because as you can see this dish is filled with a lot of starch and meats.

The Soy Sauce:

-1 tablespoon brown sugar

-1 tablespoon hot boiling water
-2 tablespoons Kikkoman soy sauce
-1 teaspoon Maggi soy sauce
**Mix them all well together and ready to drizzle over the Clay Pot Rice when it's ready to eat. If you have not already noticed that every restaurant's soy sauce taste differently. Some are sweeter than other.  My version of sauce is something that I mixed and created based on the ingredients were available at home.  Most people mix regular soy sauce with sugar for this sauce.


-Drained the rice well and place them into the clay pot.
-Pour in one cup of hot boiling water
-Cover the top with its lid and cook it over high heat for about 4-5  minutes open the top to let the water to evaporate. Give it the rice a quick stir around with a spoon if you wish.
-After 5 minutes the water in the rice should have evaporated down distinctly -- you now can be able to see all the grain of the rice, more defined. Turn your heat down to low.
-Neatly place in the Chinese sausages, dried and cured bacon, and shitake mushroom. Cover the lid and let it cook for another 6-7 minute. Leave it longer if you desire to have the crispy crust at the bottom of your clay pot.
-Top in the blanched vegetable when your rice is completely cooked. Turn off the heat with lid tightly cover the rice pot until ready to serve.
-When ready to eat just drizzle over the mixed soy sauce and mix everything together. Bon Appetit, everyone!

Set of pictures for treating the clay pot before using them. Please read the instruction that I have written above. 
soaking process and get the rice flour mixture ready
ready to cook them in the clay pot, to block all the pores in the clay pot
This step is necessary. Use the ladle, take some of the boiling rice flour mixture and ladle around the rim of the clay pot
This is how I store my clay pot after each used. 
Set of pictures for making the Chinese Sausage and Cured Meat Rice Pot 
washed and soaked the rice in water for at least 30 min.
all other ingredients, Chinese sausages and dried and cured bacon
the dried and cured bacon, you can find this at any Chinese supermarket
it looks like this 
marinating the shitake mushroom in the brine, cut all the meats ready
cook the rice
top the meat on top of the rice
all set
cover the lid again to let the meat cook
top in your blanched vegetables
 again for another 2 min. 
take it off the stove

drizzle the mixed soy sauce over the rice
mix everything up
You would get this crust too if you patient enough and make sure you adjust your heat right or else you would have a badly burn one instead of this.
Flip it over, so you can see the crust.
the following set of pictures were taken place at work. Meat and everything else were pre-prepared from home, soaked the rice at work and I was set to cook this fast, easy and delicious meals for lunch. :) 
Happy cooking, everyone. 

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