Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Pad Thai (Hủ Tiếu Xào Kiểu Thái)

Pad Thai is one of my many favorite Thai’s cuisines, which I often fix it for myself when I crave for it. The only thing that I did differently this time was I used the Pad Thai Sauce. You can find this jar of Pad Thai Sauce at any Asian Supermarket. With that jar of sauce, it will make the whole process of cooking this dish much easier and tastier, too. 
-1 package of dried rice noodles (see the picture, yes, the noodles’ diameter was a little bigger if you are preferred a thin and fresh noodle (normally use in Vietnamese Pho), that is fine, too. Skip this step if you are using the fresh and thin noodle. Soak the dried rice noodles in warm water for a good 10 minutes. Drain them into a colander. Set it aside till needed it. 
-1 chicken egg (crack the egg, discard the shell, and beat the egg roughly) 
-about 6-7 prawns (clean, shelled and deveined)
-1 jar of Pad Thai Sauce (see picture)
-1 bag of bean sprouts (washed and well-drained)
-2 cups of home-cooked chicken broth that is for one bag of the dried noodle in the picture below. You might need more or less depends on the amount and/or the type of the noodles you use. 
-2 stocks of green onion (green part only, washed, and cut diagonally. This is for garnish mostly)
-1 medium bulb of shallot (peeled and minced roughly)
-1/2 cup of roasted crushed peanuts
-little of salt
-fish sauce
-white sugar
-black or white ground pepper
-cooking oil
-a big cooking wok 
-Place a big cooking wok on the stovetop with high heat. 
-Drizzle a little cooking oil in the wok. Then, add the minced shallot. While stirring the shallot till it fragrant pour in the egg and the prawns at the same time.
-Stir them – the egg and prawns –  for about 5 – 7 minutes. Next, pick and transfer all the prawn (just the prawn) to a small bowl.  At this stage, all the prawn should render beautiful orange-red color. While the prawn is still hot you would quickly dollop about 2 tablespoons of the Pad Thai Sauce over the prawn and mix well and use a saran wrap to cover it up, so the prawn would be warm. 
-Right away, you would return back to the wok in which it has the chicken egg, and you would add all the soaked rice noodles in. Stir well with the chopsticks. 
- Add the whole jar of the pad thai sauce in. Along with it you would also add the home-cooked chicken broth.
-Continue to stir well, and let the noodles cook for about 6 minutes. 
-The noodles would quickly absorb the broth. You would then add the salt, fish sauce and white sugar as needed to adjust to your liking. 
-Add bean sprouts in as you continue to mix all the ingredients. By this time, you shouldn't have any broth remains in the wok with your noodles. 
-Place back all the cooked prawns back to the wok with the rest of the ingredients. Top the noodles with some ground pepper, and roasted crushed peanut.
-Place a moderate of Pad Thai Noodles on a place, prawn place on top. And don’t forget to top off a plate with some diagonally chopped green onion to bring out the vibrant of the dish. Of course, more toasted crushed peanut, too. 

soaking the rice noodles
other ingredients
the wok's ready
in go the minced shallot
and the beaten chicken egg
give it a quick stir
add the prawns
continue to stir
when the prawns look like this, take them out right away. You certainly do not want to leave the prawn in the wok because they will be over cook.
place them a small bowl like such
dollop in two tablespoons of the Pad Thai sauce, stir them all well. Then cover the bowl with a saran wrap to keep the prawn warm. 

return to the wok and continue with the rest of the steps. 

Bon Appetit.


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